Glass art is my passion and I made this blog to be solely dedicated to it and my fellow artists that sharemy interest. The main purpose of this blog is to give information to upcoming artists and those who are interested in glass art. Through this website, I will be posting about upcoming exhibitions that you might want to check out to know more about the glass art industry. I can also provide information regarding suppliers that you need to get to know if you want to get started.

I made a comments section for your questions or reactions about my post. Since this blog is all about glass art, I will appreciate if you would keep the comments in topic. It’s not that I don’t welcome everyone to this blog, it’s just that I want it to be exclusive to people who want to get in to glass art. If I wanted an open blog, I would have made a personal one—no offense.

I’ve been in the glass art business for about 10 years now and I have dedicated most of my time to the craft. I want everyone to understand and maybe look at how glass art can be very beautiful and unique. Glass can be a very challenging medium and to create art out of it is something that you need to master overtime. I would like to expose this kind of art to different communities and help other glass artists expose their work to the world.